Victorian Tea Party

Could today's young ladies enter

Victorian Society?

Victorian Society is brought to life for your tea party guests in the form of a step by step party planning guide that is as entertaining as it is enlightening.

On arrival your guests are formally introduced to each other.

The party guide begins with an explanation, and a role play game, of formal introductions.

Please come in, ladies sit down, oh dear.....
you better all come with me into the next room for some basic guidance and instruction on manners and etiquette,
not to put too fine a point on it but you're not quite ready for prime time just yet.

This Victorian Tea Party planning guide brings to life the manners, customs, etiquette and rituals of Victorian Society.

Calling cards are exchanged and the art of conversation is explained and practiced.

The guests are given their own calling cards and together with a Victorian parlor game of Comical Conversations, they mingle and exchange cards and conversations.

The elegance, ritual and social aspects of a the Victorian Tea Party experience lend themselves to a pleasant and entertaining afternoon in the company of family and friends.

Young girls about to enter Society need to know how to fill their dance card.

Dance cards are given out and a game of finding partners for all dances follows (there is no actual dancing involved).

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Prepare your guests for coming out into Society.

Guide your guests through instructions and a quiz on Victorian social etiquette so that they are fully prepared to enter Society.

Example questions and points of etiquette:-

Nothing so quickly speaks of ill-breeding than a young lady doing this at a ball.......

A lady must bow to an undesirable acquaintance if....

A very trifling and yet important thing that every woman should know is that it is exceedingly inelegant in rising from a chair to........

Pinkies up - It's time for tea

After all the activity it is time to relax in the company of good friends with a tea that is as splendid as it is authentic.
The planning kit includes dozens of easy to make recipes taken from the early 1900's and the Victorian era.

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Tea is followed by traditional Victorian parlor games

After the tea your guests can enjoy each other?s company by providing their own amusement with traditional parlor games, all taken from antique book?s that date back to the 1800?s.

And finally...Are your party guests ready for Victorian Society?

A better question would be is Victorian Society prepared for your party guests, or today's young ladies?

Only you can answer this question after having immersed your guests in friendly collaborative activities that embody the customs and
manners of a bygone era. Where Face to Face communication replaced Face Book and laughter and chatter replaced texting and twitter.

This planning guide has taken months of research and preparation in order to provide a truly unique and authentic experience for your party guests. There are many ideas for Victorian Tea Parties on the internet but this guide will allow you to host a true Victorian Tea Party experience.

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The following is a breakdown of an eBook and planning kit that will allow you to host an authentic Victorian Tea Party, without paying a professional party planner hundreds of dollars.

The Victorian Tea party experience overview

The idea of afternoon tea became popular in Victorian England as a welcome refreshment that bridged the gap between the lunch and traditional late dinner.

This eBook allows a hostess (or host) to recreate the customs and manners of a social event that the Victorians themselves created by inviting only close friends or relatives to a party that included the taking of afternoon tea. Indeed to be invited to a tea party in Victorian England signified that you were a part of the host?s inner circle of friends.

Victorian Society, customs, manners and etiquette background

In order to set the tone and get all your guests into the right frame of mind some background on the Victorian era is given, nothing too heavy but essential to capture the elegance and ritual of those bygone times.

General tips for the hostess

As this is a planning guide then some practical tips on hosting this event are given, based on experiences of putting together a dozen or so young ladies and trying to maintain a sense of order (well we can dream can't we!). The idea of this event is that it is hosted and throughout the eBook hints and tips are given to the would be hostess.

Is this party suitable for girls only, boys only or girls and boys?

A discussion as to the suitability of this event for boys or girls, again based on experiences (some good some more of an opportunity for improvement!!).

What to buy, print or make ahead of time

For any successful party event: planning is everything, the following chapter lays out precisely what is needed so that it can be prepared ahead of time. The preparation includes sections on:-
*Decorate the house (optional)
*Invitations (essential)
*Fancy dress (optional)
*Pencils, erasers and small notepads (essential)
*Name tags (essential)
*Calling cards (essential but can be printed from this eBook)
*Conversation cards (essential but can be printed from this eBook)
*Dance cards (essential but can be printed from this eBook) *The Victorian tea décor and menu items (essential)
*Party favors (optional)

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The Victorian formal introductions activity

In Victorian times formal introductions were the best means by which new acquaintances were formed. Whether for business or pleasure there was a strict protocol of how people should be introduced to each other. This activity describes the protocol then allows the guests to practice this within an enjoyable party game. This chapter includes sections on:-

*Name tags
*Calling cards
*Printing calling cards economically
*Conversation cards
*Instructions for the hostess
*The introductions activity instructions

The conversation card instructions

In the Victorian era conversation was considered an art and there were certain guidelines as to what constituted polite conversation. This party planning kit includes a game of conversations based on a popular Victorian parlor game.

Some points of interest on Calling Cards

In Victorian times calling or visiting cards were used to establish acquaintances then maintain the relationship. There were rules, as with introductions, on when and how to use calling cards and these are explained so that the hostess can convey this information to the party guests. When the guests are familiar with the protocol and procedures of exchanging calling cards then an activity follows in the form of a game. The use and practice of using calling cards for introductions and ?at home? visits is explained in the following sections:-

*Calling cards exchanged in person
*When the Calling Card is not given in person but left as an introduction
*At home visits and the use of Calling Cards
*Calling card print outs
*Conversation card print outs - Questions
*Conversation card print outs - Answers

The Victorian dance card activity A Victorian ball (dance) was a highlight of any young girl's social calendar and this activity recreates the struggle that every girl had when trying to fill her dance card. The dance card activity includes the following sections:-

*Instructions for the hostess
*Dance card print outs

Victorian etiquette quiz

In Victorian times the class system, under which people were deemed to be in one of the lower, middle or upper classes,
underpinned the entire social structure in terms of what was and what was not considered proper behavior.
The term Society was used for the top group of people in the class system.
To enter Society a young lady, typically 18 years old, was first presented to Queen Victoria herself
in a small ceremony that involved a polite curtsy and a kissing of the queen's hand.
After this welcoming, or coming out, the young lady could begin to attend balls, parties, dinners etc.
that was a part of the so called Season (or London Season).

In order for any young lady to be accepted, and remain in, Society certain rules of behavior had to be displayed and maintained.

The following activity prepares today?s young ladies for Victorian Society.

Every young lady wishing to enter Victorian Society needs to be acquainted with etiquette.
The questions in this quiz have been carefully selected, from antique books,
in order to convey the essence of Victorian etiquette in an informative and entertaining manner.
A couple of quizzes are given, to allow for a variation in the guest's ages. The following sections describe this event in full:-

*Instructions for the guests
*List of questions on Victorian etiquette, with talking points for the hostess
*A simpler quiz for either younger guests or as an addition

The Victorian Tea party itself

The center piece of this elegant event is placed into context with a brief history, that can be conveyed to the guests, of the customs and origin of afternoon teas in Victorian England, Authenticity is the keyword for this event and all of the recipes described come from either Victorian or early 1900's recipe books or advertisements (for cake flour).

The following background information is given so that the very essence of the Victorian Tea Party can be recreated:-

*The origin of Victorian and English tea
*The origin of the sandwich
*More Tea Party Etiquette

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Menu items, preparation and recipes for a traditional Victorian Tea Party

All of the following information and recipes will allow for the preparation and setting on a splendid and authentic period tea party:-

*Classic recipe books, found free on Google books
*Basic preparation, what bread to use
*Keeping sandwiches fresh prior to serving
*The classic Cucumber Sandwich
*Celery and Walnut Sandwich
*Cheese Sandwich
*Anchovy and Egg Sandwich
*Salmon Sandwiches
*Apple Sandwiches
*Banana Sandwiches
*Classic cake recipes
*Lady Baltimore Cake
*Chocolate Layer Cake
*Picnic Caramel Cake

Charades and Victorian parlor games

Following the tea itself authentic Victorian parlor games, are fully explained so that the guests can entertain themselves the way the Victorians did, without the need for computers, cell phones, TV or even radio.

  • Background and origin of parlor and party games, with notes for the hostess
  • The idea Victorian party Forfeits

    Authentic Victorian parlor games (all from the 1800?s)

    The following Victorian parlor games are fully described:-

    *The interrupted reply
    *I have just come from shopping
    *The leg of mutton
    *The Apprentice

    In conclusion: parting words for the hostess

    Some parting comments for you and your guests (including party favor suggestions), should you qualify for the "I have hosted an authentic Victorian Tea Party and survived" Tee shirt!!

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