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The Victorian Tea Party

is one of our best Girls Party Kits.

Thanks Dad, another great party idea, hitting a balloon over the table to my friends.

But I'd rather be playing the Frog Prince game suggestions from your Blog.

Frog Prince princess party theme  Part 1

For girls' ages around 4 to 6.

Or for older girl's that know each other Very well.

The Victorian Parlor game of Slander

Try the Victorian parlor game of Slander, but ladies please maintain a sense of decorum at all times

Girls Party Ideas is a one stop resource that helps anyone plan an entertaining, enlightening party event where young girls can communicate face to face and chatter rather than go on Face Book, Texting or Twitter.

Our party suggestions are targeted at young girls from 4 to 18 (although what girl doesn?t like to party so anyone over 18 can include themselves).

The idea is simple:

Place collaborative games that encourage in person communication within an appealing party theme and together with an energized host or hostess (that?s you by the way) you may be able to recreate the in person social interaction of bygone times that have enlightened and entertained young girls for centuries.

The party ideas presented here also include scrumptious food suggestions and above all else let?s not forget the fun aspect as these enlightening, entertaining and engaging events are being planned.

The website is organized from the perspective of a party planning kit made especially for girls and includes the following subjects:-

Girls Party Themes:

The notion of a party theme is the basic setting (or context) in which the party is placed.
In this way the party theme does not imply the type of party games, or activities, which are under another subject heading. For example an entertaining party theme for young girls of 4 to 8 is the fairy tale story and nursery rhyme theme. This basic theme, which should include dress up, is about tales or nursery rhymes that the girls have been exposed to. One party game that would be suitable for this theme is the "Arrange a story" game which is described in our girls party games section. This game can also be played in other party themes i.e. historic events so that party theme and party games are mixed and matched within one party idea.

Girls Party Ideas:

As described in the Girls Party Themes section, above, the ideas for girl?s party?s section makes party suggestions that mix party themes with party games. Also the party ideas presented include girl?s party food suggestions. As you can see the site centers around party ideas for girls and these ideas bring together themes, games and food suggestions that are described and can be mixed and matched for any special social event.

All the ideas for girl?s parties listed here include collaborative games that encourage respectful in person communication and above also else the fun and delight that girl?s parties have generated for years.

Girls Party Games:

This section lists and describes party games that are suitable for girls and embody the collaborative communication qualities that underpin all our party ideas.

Girls Party Food:

This section is all about cup cakes, cucumber sandwiches, pizza and all the other good eats that can turn any social gathering into a party. Some foods are more suitable to particular themes (such as the Victorian era themed party and tea party food suggestions) but overall there are particular foods that are considered good party foods, and those are listed together with step by step recipes.

Girls Party Kits:

This section takes a party idea (which is a mix themes, games and food suggestions) and presents it in a step by step party planning guide. Our party kits are aimed at girl?s parties that are hosted by an amateur party planner (i.e. the typical mom) although professional party planners will also find them useful. The party kits layout all the preparation, all the activities and provide a step by step guide for the host (or hostess). Our first planning kit: The Victorian Tea Party Experience is a good example of our party kits.

Girls Party Links:

This section contains links to other useful girls party resources, on the web, that include party favors, party invitations, party dresses etc. that will also enhance the overall girl?s party event.

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